Translation Memory

This is a really useful piece of technology that allows us to reuse text when translating your materials, particularly documents that need updating on a fairly regular basis. For instance, perhaps you a microwave manufacturer looking to translate its user manual into a number of languages.

APT can help you with that and would store the original copy in Translation Memory. Then, if the manual ever needed updating we would run your new copy through the programme to quickly highlight any new sections. Those sections would then be translated in full.

We always recommend – where time and budget allows – that our translators then do a final edit of the full document, including original text, to ensure the highest levels of accuracy. However, using Translation Memory means that only brand new material is translated, saving you time and money. The more we work with a client on similar products and materials, the faster the turnaround and the lower the costs become.

Translation Services for e-Learning

e-Learning Translations

No matter where in the world large companies are based, translating and localising content for specific markets as part of e-learning requires outstanding translation




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