Translation Services for Technical Translation

In today’s global marketplace, it’s crucial that you can pitch your product correctly within any given culture or language. Once customers have your product in their hands, it’s just as important that they know how to use it properly.

For the past 40 years, we have worked with some of the biggest household brands to create expertly translated materials for products, packaging and supporting documentation, such as user manuals.

We use tried and tested methodologies to ensure that the process of translating and localising your materials is a smooth one.

We can offer advice and support at each stage of a medical product’s development, or a new drug’s lifecycle – from manufacturing, through to labelling and instructions for use. We ensure all the relevant documentation complies with national and international standards, such as those required by European Medicines Agency or the US Food and Drug Administration.

Over the years, we have provided translation services in support of everything from global clinical trials to translation of consent forms, labels, package inserts and instructions for use.




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