Translation Services for the Medical Profession

The life sciences, medical and pharmaceutical world is a highly-regulated, highly-specialised environment, in which the need for accuracy under pressure is crucial in every discipline and field. Translating medical materials is no different.

For the past 40 years we have worked with a variety of different sectors within the life sciences industry, from biotechnology, to healthcare providers, to pharmaceutical firms. We also work with local strategic partnerships, contract research organisations and medical device manufacturers.

During that time we have built extensive experience in providing high-quality translation services that meet the industry’s exacting regulatory requirements and constraints, along with our clients’ strict deadlines. We handle large volumes of medical and pharmaceutical translation on a daily basis and are able to work on projects of all sizes – from a one-page [specify document type] to large, complex [specify type of project] – translating into more than 80 languages.

The precise wording of clinical trial documentation is critical and the English originals tend to go through several rounds of writing and editing . APT always makes sure that its translation teams take the same care when localising the documentation for relevant markets.

Our translators all have postgraduate degrees in translation, as well as in-depth knowledge of this diverse industry and its terminology. In fact, we only use translators who possess a minimum of five years’ experience in their specialist area. We also ensure that our standards comply with those in Europe Middle East and Africa, giving you peace of mind that our translations meet the highest levels of accuracy and consistency.

Life sciences is a growing industry, with enormous pressure for innovation. That means quality and expertise are vital and we pride ourselves on being able to match your project to translators who not only understand your business but are fluent in your terminology.

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APT provides technical translation services to the learning sector, working with end clients as well as eLearning vendors. Our speciliased translators are well qualified and experts in translating learning and training materials.




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