Financial Case Study

A leading bank, with offices around the world, needed 250,000 words translated from Spanish into English in six days, with the emphasis on speed and quality.

This bank had not been able to find a translation partner that could provide accurate translations within the given deadline. It was essential to guarantee both the quality and delivery to allow the bank to assess a potential investment worth several million euros.

After detailed assessment, our project team accepted the feasibility of the project, taking into consideration the quality and accuracy required for the final result. Our risk assessment was thorough, and within two hours we were able to guarantee delivery to the client.

The work involved in this project was the equivalent of 120 man-days, and provided a challenge for some members of the APT project management team.

A senior project manager was appointed to run the project with support from two other project managers

A team of specialist financial translators and editors was formed within four hours of the client’s instruction to proceed

Daily updating of scheduling provided to the client

All translation work was successfully delivered within the six-day period

The work was technically accurate and met the standards the client was looking for

This result led to us presenting a full range of services to the client

The project is now complete and we now provide ongoing translation services to the bank

We now work with eight of the bank’s country offices

Translation Services for the Financial Sector

Financial Translations

The financial industry is fiercely competitive and governance and regulatory controls extremely tight, APT knows this sector demands the very highest standards from its translation suppliers




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